Daryl Sprake was born in Horsham Australia in 1962.and grew up in moorooduc,a rural area close to melbourne. Since early childhood he has had a great love of nature and music , and at the age of 12 he began playing guitar(studying guitar for 6 year), and piano at age 16.after finishing high school he worked for his father in melbourne for two years before begining a series of journeys

 around the world, living and traveling in 20 countries.(spending the longest time in India ,spain ,germany and indonesia) in the process becoming familiar with and studying a wide range of musical styles, including , flamenco, indian classical, and gamilan music.  he now lives in java indonesia devoting himself full time to music composition.                                



his main influences are indian classical music,JS Bach,keith Jarrett,flamenco music,the Beatles, Miles Daves, John Coltrain, Debussy, jimi Hendrix,Led Zeppelin ,and Frank Zappa.