notes on One

Posted on: 2013-10-11 01:45:00

One is a 61 minute orchestral peice in c sharp minor and c sharp major.although it has sections the sections blend into each other so unlike a symphony it has no movements.the full name for one is, One, a celebration of the unity of life.and was composed with the intention of inspiring a sinse of awe and wonderment .in order to convay a true sinse of the unity and enormity of life l have used technics  like multiple divisions of the strings with tone clusters and large polychords ,as well as  two written sections  that can also be improvised .One also shows the influence of indian classical music with extensive use of octave drones, as well as rythmic influences from african and middle eastern music.

One imbodies my beleif that modern orchestral music must open its self to the world,by including technics from African, middle Eastern and  Asian music. as well as technics from all the historic periods of classical music. I also beleive orchesral music  needs to borrow eliments from jazz, and this is why l have included 2 improvised sections ,this means that every performance can be unique and the audience can feel the thrill of live improvised music.

One has been  enormously difficult to compose.taking me on a over seven  year odyssey and struggle ,now that it is completed l hope the listerner can listern with an open mind, it is a work of music like no other.