Welcome to the website of Australian born composer Daryl Sprake. Daryl is trying to revitalize Classical and Instrumental Music by emphasizing melody and strong emotion as well as shriving to develop a new broader, deeper esthetic free from the formality and over intellectualism of the past.

About the music

The music presented here was largely inspired by nature and was composed with the intention of bringing the listener closer to nature. Daryl doesn’t adhere to a rigid style, preferring to choose techniques according to the emotional context of the music, Daryl states" all my works are an expression of oneness and wholeness; essential to which is that everything has a place and nothing is denied .therefore each piece is not expressed in a rigid style but progresses through different techniques and styles like the seasons of the year, each representing a different aspect of the whole". Most of the music was originally improvised on keyboard then written, edited and orchestrated with Sibelius Software. Scores can be obtained directly from Daryl. 

The music presented here can be listened to for free. 

SPECIAL THANKS to Pascal Duc for keeping my computer working in the difficult early days, and mas Trianto for creating this web site, and also to Jim Cuningham for his help and support during the making of this wed site, much thanks to you all, with your help this music can now reach out across the world.